Hail Mary full of Grace, the Lord is with Thee. Blessed art Thou amongst women and blessed is the Fruit of Your Womb Jesus. Holy Mary Mother of God, pray for us sinners, now and at the hour of death!

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Greetings!  We are very happy to be able to open our Church to public Masses again!  But we must do this safely and we must comply with a whole host of regulations that will impact how we celebrate Masses and how we attend Mass and go to Communion.  Here are some things you must know:


1.  First of all remember that we are still dispensed from the obligation to attend Mass.  So if you are in one of the at-risk groups, have other health conditions, or are not ready to be in larger groups just yet, please know you can stay home and not incur any sin!

2.  We will continue to live stream all the Masses that happen at St. Theresa Church.  The equipment we installed there is permanent.  We can turn it off however, if a family does not want their private Mass, such as a wedding or a funeral, or a Baptism live streamed.  We also can record events we live stream, which might be a feature some people want.

3.  You must wear a mask if you come to Church.  We ask you to receive Holy Communion in your hand with your mask in place, step off to the side, remove your mask and consume the Host, put your mask back in place, and then return to your pew.  Thank you to those of you who prefer to receive on the tongue who are making this sacrifice during these difficult days.  

4.  You must maintain social distancing protocols and follow the instruction of the Ushers who will be assisting with a slow, distancing way to come up and receive Holy Communion.

5.  Bringing Holy Communion home to loved ones you live with is permitted.  Please approach the priest, the deacon, or the sacristan after Mass for asisstance.  Bringing Communion to the homebound who are not family members as well as nursing homes and hospitals is still not permitted.

6.  Our seating is very limited.  At this point we can have 68 people at Mass.  You will notice that we have two pews closed behind every one that is opened.  This is because each person needs to be six feet away from another.

7.  We are trying a sign up system through Eventbrite to enable people to sign up for Mass by reserving a ticket.  We hope this will prevent people from arriving and being refused admission because the Mass is full.  The list of attendees will also enable us to do contact tracing if somoene who attended a Mass later tests posiitve for the virus.  Please continue to sign up every week.  

8.  Our seating capacity is 68, but we are making 50 tickets available on line and we are reaching out to the elderly who we know do not use the internet to make sure that they have access to seats if desired.

9.  We have had excellent cooperation and compliance in our community, thank you!  Your cooperation and your patience are essential to make this all work in such a way that we not only gather safely, but also glorify our God in all we do.  

10.  Please join me in praying daily for a safe return to normalcy and for an end to this virus!

Click on the links along side to sign up for a Mass.  


We are no longer required to register for Masses!  

Keep praying for a merciful and swift end to the virus, a safe return to life as we know it and love it, and for a safe and effective vaccine for all peoples!


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